Breaking away the bonds of anti-conformity

After much searching and changing i finally decided on a style for my fancy new blog. This took me quite a while to come to terms with because i know at least two other people who use this style. Now, at first this was quite a concern for me for i could not have my blog looking like others. I was deeply troubled by my own issues with conformity and individualism that i was strangling the creative and aesthetic appeal out of my blog completely. I was trying ridiculous themes that had absolutely no appeal to me in the desperate name of individualism.

*brilliant segue that brings in the solution to this crisis*

At a concert i played this weekend in the city (Chicago) i was having a discussion with my band mates after we had played our four song set and packed up. We spoke of our accuracy and the crowds level of enjoyment. We spoke about the elusive head-bob and whether or not it actually means that the person participating is actually enjoying your music. Then we started to talk about stage presence. It was here that i heard something odd being stated by the singer of the group. He talked about how he did not want to get too into it in fear of people thinking he was “lame”. I simply told him, do what you want to do. Stop worrying what other people will think. This is your art, get into it. Do what is natural.

As i contemplated my advice to my friend, i decided to stop worrying about individuality and just go with the style that pleased me best. I added a photo that i had taken to add some of my personality and i am very pleased with the result. Now i can stand tall knowing that conformity will no longer hold me back from reaching for the stars.

Now, you might be asking yourself, why so much over something as silly as the format of your blog. Well, the answer is simple. It’s late, I can’t sleep, and I am, at times, a vain individual.


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