Maturity and Formatting

I have had people ask me why I made the switch from xanga to wordpress. I wrote on my xanga that it was a matter of me feeling like i was growing up and I needed a more mature blog. Now, people seemed to confuse this with the actual maturity of my writing. I will say that on here my writing will be a bit more collected and well thought out. I will put more time and effort into things like grammar and spelling. I will focus more on proper sentence structure and as a whole my writing will be more in the style of essays than spastic sentence fragments and over usage of the dreaded “…”. I feel though that this is because of something deeper. Yes, I could write in more fluid prose on my xanga, but there is something about it that feels less professional.

Maybe part of it is the fact that xanga is trying to be a social networking site as well as a blogging site or perhaps its the silly system of eprops, credits, and utterly annoying system of minis. It just seems that in its basic nature xanga is rather juvenile. Even when I had a livejournal I felt more prone to write more eloquent things on there. Maybe its just a nonexistent boundary that I have created in my mind. I feel however, that xanga strives for this feeling of a relaxed, less formal blogging experience and that is fine. I just want an outlet for more structured writing and I find that the format here is much better for that. You get a better editing window, much better features, your blog is its own entity, plus when you finish and want to put your writing on-line, you push publish instead of save.

Now these might seem to be trite vainities that I am drawing ridiculous conclusions from and that may be the case, but I am fine with it. I love to write. I have an outlet for writing. Plus, I know many people (including myself) who when faced with a long essay on xanga merely filter through and ignore most of the content. So, this is for those who actually care to read my more structured work. So, like I said on xanga this will be for my more “professional” and “mature” writing and my xanga will stay the same. I just really enjoy writing like this and I find it easier to do on a more mature site. Some of it will be very serious, some will be more light hearted. It will all, hopefully, be well written.


One thought on “Maturity and Formatting

  1. Wow. This is so very mature. Morose, dark colors… and decent punctuation and capitalization to boot. I’m impressed.

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