Change in Urbana

After a long and perilous drive, nearly escaping death several times, we have finally arrived in the booming and industrious town of Urbana. We are staying at Eastland Suites which is quaintly situated next to a circle k and a farm n fleet. There are two local restaurants, a Mexican joint which we ventured into tonight and a diner. We spent dinner telling stories of penguins, willow creek, and focus on the family. Patrick Green is a wonderful sort of person. We are currently sitting in our hotel room and my wonderful wife Allison is currently looking yet again at Waldo, our current dog to be that we will be obtaining on Sunday. We are about to go to the first meeting of this grassroots discussion thing. I am ready to shake things up. More to come when we are done with all of this. I think I am going to try to picture up the stars tonight because of the lack of light pollution tonight. That excites me greatly. We will see how i feel after our first opening meeting.


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