From the Workplace

Tonight I am writing from work. Things are notably dull tonight, like many nights, and I have a computer with Internet and a head full of thoughts. Many of those thoughts will most likely stay in my head. I am not sure how okay my co-worker Linda would feel if she found out I was blogging during work. She doesn’t seem to happy when friends visit or when I finish vacuuming early, but then again she doesn’t seem very happy very often. I am saying all of this to let you know if things seem a bit more disjointed than usual, its because I in fact at work. It’s fun because you don’t know that I was just away from the computer saying goodbye to my other co-worker.

I just found a copy of McLaren’s “The Secret Message of Jesus” in the clearance bin. It’s one of the books I have been looking for ever since we got back from the conference. I am a bit surprised by the fact that the store does not have The Divine Conspiracy in stock. I guess I will have to find that one at borders. They also did have the new Nooma DVD which I have already seen on-line a few times and am very excited to share with others. In other news my head is spinning with ideas and plans. Ideas and plans that I cannot wait to share with all who read this, but need to wait for a bit of the old “confirmation from God” thing. Please keep me and my wife in your prayers.

I think I shall end this now. Linda seems to be finishing up her hanging of shirts.


2 thoughts on “From the Workplace

  1. Maybe a misspelling, or maybe what really needs to happen?
    “conformation from God” – the state of being conformed?
    but I’m sure you meant the more common phrase “confirmation from God”
    Good to see you putting a lot of thought into your future.

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