The winds of change

It seems that the winds of change are blowing swiftly in these parts. I am sorry for my cryptic nature, but the time has not yet come for these things to be released. In good time all will know. In good time all will see. For now it is to stay hidden, allowing for all civil and proper practices to take place. The day draws near. The day that looms over my head as both a day of mourning and a day of freedom; a day of stepping into the will of God and into my place in His story. We will finally be saved, as one wise man once said, although it will be tough being out there without the securities we now have. Do not look to far into any of this, only allow it to percolate your curiosity and above all things drive you to prayer. Prayer is essential for the day draws near. On the very day that one of the greatest oppressors of Christ’s bride died, we will take up our crosses, hold high our flags, bend back our bows, and prepare for the battle ahead.  Those who stand behind us, do so with full force so that when that glorious anniversary of Belisarius’ defeat of the Vandals at the epic battle of Ticameron, you will be ready to do the same. The road is narrow. The time is drawing to an end.

Then again, how can you stand behind that which is so darned cryptic….

The truth shall be unveiled in time.


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