a quick thought on twilight: Vampires are stealing our job

I just read a post from someone I don’t know and this person was talking about the latest phenomenon, Twilight. For those who don’t know (like there is anyone out there that doesn’t) it’s about vampires and in the book the vampires are these irresistible beings. It has become a bestseller hit. The most fascinating thing is the overwhelming amount of people who are in love with or want to be the main character Edward. My thought is this, what on earth have we done that people are more drawn to wanting to be vampires instead of followers and students of Christ. I mean, if this truth is supposed to be like honey on our lips, then shouldn’t this be irresistible? unless we have somehow made it seem less than what it is.

I want to here your thoughts.

How did vampires steal our job?

How do we get it back?

How did the truth of God become less irresistible?

post-script: I am almost done with the first book in the series. I am not against the book. It is pretty good.


7 thoughts on “a quick thought on twilight: Vampires are stealing our job

  1. I am a little torn here. Jesus never really did well in the mainstream. I do not think he was ever meant to do well in the mainstream. The mainstream will always belong to Pat Boone, Elvis, the Beatles, David Cassidy, Abba, Madonna, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and now Robert Pattinson. These are the works of pop stars and momentary Icons that, though there will be some die hard fans, will eventually die off and be questions on a card in some nostalgic trivia game one day.

    Look at the people who Jesus reached out to and the people who were drawn to him. In today’s world we would likely see Jesus in Wrigleyville near the head shops, Greenwich Village in Manhatten, and maybe near the Mexico border helping people cross to a better life while telling them about the better life HE has to offer.

    Jesus is more akin to an underground band poular in the college circles that never get a lot of radio play but are known anyway. Jesus is more like a well known actor at the Neo-Futurarium in Andersonville off Ashland as opposed to Broadway or the biggest box office buzz flik.

    This is an irresistible road we follow, but it is also a narrow one and not many people will want to follow it.

    Yeah, the wide Roman Highway will always have people off to see the latest craze, but there are a few of us who are taking a journey on a beaten and rough twisted path that is more fun…and also a little bit more dangerous.

  2. I really like your thoughts.

    This was a really quick post. I saw something that intrigued me and thought, “hey, lets see what people think.”

  3. I will say, however that i disagree to a point.
    If you look at Jesus when he was here he was followed. A lot. by lots of people. a lot.
    as much as he did spend time in those undergroundesque places, he also spent time in the temple. He spent time preaching to many. Jesus, although completely counter-cultural, was also followed by loads of people because of his message. There was something in it that was so mind-blowing and good that he would attract crowds when he would do things.
    This post was in no way saying that Christianity should be more mainstream. It was saying that we provide something cooler than vampires, although vampires are pretty BA. Lets show the world that.

  4. I agree with Patrick about all these icons becoming questions in a trivia game. Jesus has been around for 2000 years, a lot more longevity. It is an interesting thought-screaming teenagers chanting Jesus’ name, standing in line for hours to get into church, wearing the same clothes…it kinda makes me giggle. I know that is not what you meant when you made the post and I’m being silly. The message of Jesus is irresistible, but in a society that doesn’t teach right and wrong it’s harder to convince someone that they can be forgiven of what they have done wrong and that they are loved unconditionally.

  5. I would contend, that many of those who saw him in the mainstream were also many of the ones who screamed for Barrabas to be saved and jeered as Christ hung on the cross. Mainstream wants to identify with the popular kid and fad and not stick with the trend of yesterday. Dude, even his own peeps went into hiding or dejection or even denied him when the chips were down. The many in the temple and the many in other places likely did not go as far in the faith as the one who was about to be stoned for adultery. She knew Jesus was willing to take a rock for her as he knelt by her side, I doubt most in the crowd got that this crucifixion was for them.

  6. Unconventional good stuff here. I normally don’t find nothing but junk but when I get something I know my people will like I link back. This is good stuff and I hope you don’t mind if I add a link back to you from my website

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