Down in Flames

I felt that this song really hit me as to what is going on within this crazy mind of mine. A friend of mine named Vickie wrote a rebuttal to my post about Nine Inch Nails which you can read at one of those links over here –>

Just click the one that says woman after gods heart and go to the post titled “The Church.”  No spam comments now, all you faithful readers. (laughs at my own unpopularity) It got me thinking about how when you criticize something, everyone always thinks you are defacing it, or completely giving up on it. Like she wrote in the post that:

“A friend of mine has made a couple of post on his blog about how horrible the church is in America and it makes me sad.”
I don’t believe that was my point in writing this. So with that and the nature of this late hour I end my blabbering and let Relient K’s classic ol’ school lyrics (slightly modified) speak for me:

Let me pause to clarify
’cause I’m sure you’re asking, “Why?”.
I stand before you and proudly claim
to belong to what this blog complains.

I’m part of the problem, I confess.
But I gotta get this off my chest.

Let’s extinguish the anguish
for which we’re to blame,
and save the world
from going down in flames.


3 thoughts on “Down in Flames

  1. Not sure what the quotes mean around my friend, I’m thinking that you are just mocking me that I was using discretion in my post. There are going to be a lot of things that we disagree with and some things that we agree with. Some things that you said had made me sad and I figure I can be just as direct as you are without offence, but apparently I must have offended in some way. For that I am sorry.

  2. There was no offense. This is merely my response to your response. I am in no way offended, i was just trying to clarify. I wrote this all, way too late at night and the quotes were originally to mock you, but then I put your name and didn’t think of the implications, because it was way way way too late at night. Actually, I love the fact that you wrote what you wrote. I think that it is the beauty of critical thought within a community (or as close to community you can get online). I really appreciate it. No apologies are needed, although it makes me happy to see that you would if needed.

  3. The thing is, and this is in now way meant to be a recrimination on Vickie as I know her now, that sometimes when we attack our own behavior, we get uncomfortable. I recently saw a youtube video about the church’s position on the gay issue. I don’t remember everyone in the panel, but I do know that Chuck Coleson and Shane Claibourne were in the panel. Coleson went with the position you would expect him to go into it and Shane went to the love and told the story of a young gay man he once met who wanted to kill himself and had self worth issues partly due to the way he has been treated in churches. Coleson countered with his having never seen any christian ever say anything condemning or unloving to a homosexual. I almost nosed my soda. But then I realized, from his perception, he is right. He sees aspects of our social condemnation and false accusations of a gay agenda as loving stands for truth as opposed to dogmatic caste systems. He does not see the sin we commit. He does not see our actions lead this boy into thinking he is less.

    I started reading a series of letters today written in the early 1800’s by two presbyterian pastors having a debate on the issue of slavery. One feels slavery and keeping slaves is a sin and we have to emancipate them and free them and the other contends as Christians we need to encourage slave owners to be responsible and to share the gospel with slaves and encourage them to be better godly slaves for this is love.

    The second minister genuinely believes he is acting in love. He does not see that he is advocating a lower caste for these people and not standing for social justice as Jesus would ask us to.

    I am in the middle of a huge powderkeg right now with some pastors that are really feeling the heat of some of my statements regarding the tithe. We speak so eloquently about the people’s need and responsibility to tithe and do not address the church leaders role to be good stewards of the tithe. We brag about the minivans we give to single moms while glossing over the 80-92 percent of the tithe going into operational expenses.

    We are not serving the needs of the widow, orphan, and alien when we give them what’s left. That is like the church tipping a waitress and it robs the congregation the opportunity to properly worship with their funds. What I am saying is scripturally correct and falls right in line with Jesus’ wishes for us to make a difference. BUT, I am being told to “be careful” and “tread cautiously” and “watch your step”.

    Truth that causes us to re examine ourselves and admit our faults are hard pills to swallow. The natural inclination is to defend ourselves and justify our behavior as opposed to consider there may be an orientation change required in our perspective.

    The whole deconstruction of christendom was a hard pill for me to swallow, but then the next step of building on the foundation that is left after the deconstruction is even harder…but it is also rewarding.

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