The Low Down

My life has changed drastically recently. Many things are happening and will continue to happen which will drastically change the way I live. It all started when My wife and I decided to step into God’s will and leave our Church home and pursue starting something different. On December 15th, Allison and I had our last church service at Light House Church. It was odd. Not to be to self-focused, but I was a bit confused when there was no real going away anything. Not that I feel like I deserve or need a party or a long goodbye, it was just strange. I only write this because I was not the only one who felt that our departure seemed to be lackluster. Perhaps it was because a week before our departure, I had a less than pleasant encounter with the senior pastor, or perhaps it’s because in the end we were not that important. Most likely it is because no one took on the responsibility and the ball was dropped. I feel a bit bad because Allison, Cassie and I were all ball catchers. When something was about to fall apart because no one took responsibility, we were the ones to pick it up. I worry the most about the worship team. My time with it ended quite abruptly and my voice was not counted at all in the decisions for the future. It bothers me because I feel that the worship team was really moving in a good direction and that direction needed to be addressed before I left. God will provide, I just worry.

My last night of youth group was far more difficult for me. I have poured so much energy and passion into the youth group. The kids there had become very much a part of my life. It was extremely difficult to leave them.

In other news, today Allison and I closed on our new house. We move in on January 3rd. Anyone who can help us move will get pizza. Back to church stuff.

So, now I am officially starting my preparation for Mosaic. It is our approach to christian community, which will take place in our new house. We are currently planning three things: a book club, Sunday service and dinner, and a monthly sandwich making day. On Sundays our doors to our house will be open from noon to midnight, for any and all people to come in and warm up, enjoy the company of the people there and truly be a part of community. We will have a community dinner that will segue into the worship service. We will implement all sorts of different avantgarde methods of worship from more modern music to ancient liturgy and some silence to break it all up. Our teaching will be very discussion focused and will involve some sort of discussion engine; short teaching, movie, music, and then we will spend most of the time, like at the youth group I was involved in, will be spent with discussion. We will then continue to hang out until its midnight.

It has to start somewhere.

It has to start sometime.

What better place than here, what better time than now.


Rage Against the Machine lyrics that we have taken very much to heart. We have also been coming up with slogans. One I particularly liked was “turn that shit up.” which is another reference to Rage.

Mosaic. turn that shit up.


2 thoughts on “The Low Down

  1. I am very excited for this concept. It’s my desire and prayer to have house churches spring from the loins of LifeBridge. I’ve seen some house churches that are…well….cultic train wrecks, but this..this sounds refreshingly honest, good, and beautiful.

    If you guys need help with all the church paperwork legal junk…lemme know. I would like to pop in to Mosaic and turn that shit up with you. If you guys do a myspace or facebook or website or twitter, lemme know…I would like to link to it and help ya guys out in any way I can.

    I kinda get your vibe at yer old church. I have been there before. This is why I think churches need to plant churches. When I left Lifespring, Fran and company had a lovely send off for us…a time of prayer. It was beautiful and it was moving. Yeah fine, I get no financial support, but the friendship I get is worth FAR more than that.

  2. I am so very sorry that I was one of the ball droppers. I thought the goodbye festivities would have been done by the usual inner click of the church. The only thing that made the church special was you and Allison (Cassie and Kyle too) Allison was great with the kids and the worship always brought us in focus to God’s overwhelming presence. Now I have no one to bake cookies for. I feel like a stranger in the church. Count me in as one of the fringe…lets kick that shit up. Any way I can help, tell me.

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