Quick Update

Just an update for those who read this. The Mosaic Literary Society’s first meeting will not be this tuesday, the 20th, but rather next tuesday, the 27th.

We will meet at 7:13pm at Borders to hang out and talk about what will be happening. Our first book is The Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard. You don’t need the book for the first meeting and if you cant afford the book, please still come. We will be able to get a book for whoever needs it. See you there!


Notchurch Shindig.

So, after much debating on what to label Mosaic’s sunday service as (church, community gatherings [which sounds way too cultish], etc) I do believe with the help of my friend David I have come up with a “label” that really suits what we are doing. It will be a notchurch shindig. Now, for all of those who are thinking “Wait a minute, church is a good thing. Why would you not want to be associated with the united body of Christ?” Stop.


Notchurch really seemed to encompass the point I was trying to get across. It is not meant to belittle of disconnect us from the body of Christ, but rather to disconnect the ideas and suppositions that are involved with American churches. To perhaps help those who have been burned by the organized church, to find something different. To help people to realize that we are not quite like the standard organized church. I had a friend who told me that he hates all organized religion. When I told him I mostly agreed (taking for granted that i think hate is too harsh of a word and I believe him to be over generalizing) he looked flabbergasted. It’s the idea that this is somewhere that is different from the thing that many people don’t like. Also, there are many problems that I have seen in the prototypical American church building that I want not be associated, either directly or indirectly, to Mosaic. I want people to realize that in their culture and their mindset, we are not like what they would associate with church.Another big thing is that we are not anti-church, we are just notchurch. We are different from the typical church idea, but that does not mean that we don’t want to work and be apart of the united body of Christ. We love all of our brothers and sisters in the Lord (even those who don’t realize it[oh, shit you think, is he a crazy universalist….]) and never want to separate or cut ties with anyone, rather we just want to let it be known that there is something different in what we do, yet i think that notchurch is not convoluted and confusing. It makes the point, or if it doesn’t you can read me making its point for it, and defines what we are. Mosaic is a community of believers who work together to show the beauty of Gods true love to those who have been hurt by impostors, beat down by our society, banished for their mistakes, and left out by their circumstance. We are the embodiment of love to the world, showing people the deeper truth of the Gospel in our actions, our discussions, and our thoughts. We strive after truth with blind abandon, yet we do not let it diminish our passion for justice. We open our arms to all, plutonic families and bisexual junkies, your grandpa and your pregnant aunt, old and young, conservative and liberal, a true mosaic of people working together to create art that shines the light of its creator (CHEESE!). Feeding the hungry on thursday, enjoying community on sunday, talking and learning from each other on monday, this, at least for now is Mosaic. Call it a mission statement, call it something I just pulled right out of my butt, I care not. It is what we are about and what we will do.

Mosaic Literary Society (just a working name, yeah I am lame about coming up with cool names.) Meets Tuesday nights at 7:34pm starting January 20th. (two weeks!)

“Books must be read as deliberately and reservedly as they were written.”

“Reading makes a full man, meditation a profound man, discourse a clear man.”

Sandwich Making Parties!!! Thursday evenings once a month to make sack lunches for PADS. I temporarily forgot the date, will update with date once I speak with my wife.

“You cannot feed the hungry on statistics.”

Yet food is something that is taken for granted by most world leaders despite the fact that more than half of the population of the world is hungry.”

Sunday Notchurch Shindigs: Beginning on February 1st will be our “sunday services.” These are created for community and ministry to the body. We cannot just giving if we are not taking in. This is what sundays are about. Our house will be opened to anyone from noon to midnight every sunday. Come and hang out. Talk with friends and strangers. enjoy a hot beverage in the winter and a cool beverage in the summer. Perhaps board and video games might be involved. Music might be as well. Then we will have a big community dinner with all who are there. Everyone who can brings a dish and we feast. After dinner we will have a time of worship and reflection where we will meet with, talk to, and most importantly listen to our most wonderful God. We will then have some sort of teaching, be it someone sharing, a video, or a song that we will discuss and debate. We will talk through things and learn from each other. In other words, community learning.

I will be planning a meeting for anyone who wants to be involved in the planning stages of this of meetings and gatherings to plan out everything. Community needs people, God needs a body. Lets do this.