These are not my pants

This is a blog about song writing.

The other day I was hanging out with my friends and one of them was working on a very beautiful song. He had come up with a stunningly beautiful sounding voicing for a chord and was trying to figure out where to go with it. Now, I have this tendency to start to write really stupid lyrics over beautiful chords, especially when they are in the works of becoming a full-fledged song. So, every time he would go to play this chord, I would start to sing “Hey Girl…” and he would immediately stop. After a few hours of this, he got understandable angry and exclaimed “Would you singing stupid lyrics over my song?”. I retorted with “How do you know it was stupid, I could write a serious song that started with the phrase ‘hey girl…'” And thus the challenge was born. I immediately went to the piano and started working on a serious song that started with the line “Hey girl…” Now, it took a while for me to get serious and actually start writing something of meaning, but eventually I started to get it. Then the event that would forever change my life happened. In my train of thought style writing, i uttered the line “my pants….”. That was it. It was all over. I couldn’t even finish the line. And it was in that moment and the moments that followed that I learned a deeply valuable lesson.

It is almost impossible to write a serious song with the word pants in it.

Now, I tried to. I worked for the next half hour or so just to try to come up with a line that had the word pants in it that could be taken seriously, but I could not. So, I know ask you…

Do you know of any serious song with the word pants in it?
Why is it that it is so hard to write a song with the word pants?
What makes pants so naturally not serious?

I will update you if I ever find a cure to this disease.


4 thoughts on “These are not my pants

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