The Party Line -OR- Why I hate Facebook Politics

Every election season it happens, my news-feed gets filled up with articles demanding my attention, desperately trying to sway me to their point of view. Some are eloquent and educated while others tend to be crude, ignorant, and hateful. Unfortunately, the large majority tend to fall toward the latter. This political season it has been especially bad. Not only are 90% of the political posts I see harsh, uninformed and nasty, they seem to all have a common theme. Both sides of our horrid bipartisanship (more on that in a moment) seem to be saying the same thing: Don’t vote for the other guy. We have an election where the two well known parties have done such a horrible job picking their candidates that people can not bring themselves to praise their own candidate and you know why? It’s because they don’t really like their candidate. So, how to convince people to vote for a candidate you yourself don’t like? Constantly berate them with information about why the “other guy” is worse. This has become, in short, tiring.

I am tired of people I care about acting at their worst. Politics always brings out the worst in people. I am really not sure why, but it does. It can make the most calm and collected individual a raving lunatic. It makes life-long friends fight to the death over unnecessarily polarized viewpoints. Why is it that respect and kindness go out the window the moment political lines are drawn? I feel like respect, especially among friends is so essential. And these are our friends we are punching in the uterus, aren’t they? I mean, we “friend” them. We connect with them. And I know on so many other topics, respect would be upheld.

It tires me how quickly political debate turns into childhood screaming contests. Not only do we throw out civility and kindness, but we also let go of logical, educated debate. Sometimes it takes a few comments for the conversation to turn to name calling, but I have seen some statuses that straight out start with it. Mitt Romney is an idiot! Voting for Obama makes you a jackass! This isn’t even arguing. These kinds of posts fall into a very interesting category of facebook posts. Where many political posts may be intended to challenge your understanding of things and possibly sway you to think of things differently, these kinds of ignorant statements are not meant to change anyone’s mind or convince anyone of your point of view. There sole purpose is to divide and attack. They are meant to rally those who blindly agree and attack those who do not. They are meant only to make others angry. And I find that to be a big problem. This is not some kind of provocative statement that may offend, but will lead to people coming to some sort of understanding, this is straight forward schoolyard bullying. I watched one particular bout between two polarized people where they each made statuses that said : “insert politician i am against” is a ___________. and they asked people to fill in the blank. This was not meant to encourage debate or convince someone of their falsehood. It was meant to do exactly as all these kinds of comments do: Rally and Attack. And each one did a splendid job. First you had the rally. People coming in an filling in the blank with all sorts of hateful and demeaning things. Then came the attack. The “opponent” would come in, obviously frustrated by the juvenile nature of the status, and would start throwing back low blows. It was sad. But, in the middle of this black-top brawl came a moment of clarity. I was genuinely moved when a commenter added a simple comment of “a human being” to one of the lists. I literally started applauding in my office. I hope that a comment so simple and profound would challenge those who posted those statuses to really think about why they post these kinds of nonsense, but I don’t think it will get through.

I am tired by the stubbornness of political “argument”. Never have I seen people be so wildly attached to their candidate that they will forcefully ignore any and all information that would lead them to believe that their candidate is not what they seem to be. I see all the posts, people. I know exactly why I should not vote for Obama or Romney. I just do not understand how the two sides can not see it. Because when it really comes down to it….

I am tired of people trying to convince me that two very similar candidates are different. Listen, before you go and post another comment trying to convince me, I have to say this. I am not going to vote for Mitt Romney. I would never, in a million years vote for someone as corrupt as the Romney/Ryan team. I do not need another article, chart, or clever picture. I get it. I will not vote for him. And before you go off and start with the links, No I am not going to vote for Obama. I know about the increase in drones, and the wars he promised never to start. I know of all the broken promises and rights he has removed. I just wish that all of you polarized party-line crazies would look at the person you are “endorsing”. I know you don’t want to because

I am tired of all the bashing. No one is supporting their candidate, they are supporting the other guy losing. They are vehemently supporting the loss of whoever is on the other side. Guys, there is a wonderful way that the other guy can lose…you vote for someone you like. And here is where my personal political beliefs come in.

Did you know there are well over six candidates running for president? At least six who worked their asses off to get around asinine ballot laws. And what I find really boggling? There is a candidate who is the perfect candidate for everyone who is begrudgingly voting for Obama, actually there are two. Both Jill Stein and Rocky Anderson would be great candidates for anyone who would call themselves a democrat. They are anti-war, pro-green, they want to stop global climate change and torture. They want universal healthcare and schooling. These are amazing candidates for any left-leaning person. But, we ignore them because we are scared that if we vote for them, “Romney might win!”. And to you conservatives, those calling for smaller government and more freedom, look no further than Gary Johnson. Do not tell me that I have to settle for Romney because voting for a third party candidate is a waste of a vote. Voting for someone who you do not feel will be the best choice for president is a waste of a vote. We need to stop this bi-partisan nonsense and face facts: Obama and Romney are both terrible choices for president. At least stop telling me that I am wasting my vote in voting third party, because you know what? If I wasn’t voting third party, I would just not vote at all. No wasted vote. I would never, in a million years vote for either terrible candidate.

Not to mention the facts that:
1. The president has very little control over what actually happens.
2. The electoral system is so screwed up that our votes don’t really matter.
3. The electronic voting system is probably rigged.
4. The Illuminati is ultimately going to get their candidate in and this lie of choice that we continue to believe is what keeps us so deeply enslaved to their choices.


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