An moment of honesty, an update, and a plea.


I don’t like to ask for help when it comes to my music. This isn’t out of some desire to do it all myself. It isn’t because of some bravado that makes me averse to charity. It is because I am afraid that it will make my motives seem suspect.

To elaborate, I have been making new friends. Friends who also make content. These are real friendships to me, friendships that are so real, I am terrified to ask for help from these people because I worry they will think my friendship with them is nothing more than a stepping stone. I am terrified that I will hurt the real friendships I am building, because I will seem like nothing more than a shrill salesman for my brand.

But, right now I need to be honest. I need to transparent. I need to be real with you all.

I need help.

I have always said and known that the road to frugal financial security through music was a hard one. I know that paying your dues is something that one must work through. I have always been very open with the fact that I know my YT channel won’t be close to sustainable for at least another year or more.

I also know that what I am doing is worth something. I get weekly comments that are paraphrases of the same statement: Why are you not more popular!?!?! This is a hard thing to for me to admit, because I have a hard time valuing what I do. Yeah, its valuable to me, but is it something that the world wants? That people want to hear?

The fact is I pour my heart, my time, and my money into making these videos, in the hopes that in a year or two I will be able to help support my family, doing something I love. We live somewhat simply, and are reducing our spending everyday. I am not looking to get rich. I am looking to not have to work a part time job.

Because when I start working a part time job, I won’t have the time or energy to pour into my videos like I do now. For the first year of my channel, I was working as well, and my videos suffered from it. I couldn’t get mixes just right. I had to post videos that were good enough. If you want to know why things have been getting so much better, its because I have time. Right now I am not working, outside of music, so I have time to make music a priority. 

My plan was to work the channel, do the slow growth, and do some commissions to supplement the income. And this is still my plan. Just life got a bit more complicated.


We just found out that our basement has an unhealthy level of rats in it. We found out that our main floor has an unhealthy amount of mice in it. We also found out our foundation has an unhealthy amount of holes in it, which is how the rats and mice got in. We also found out that we have issues under our porch, that can only be fixed by tearing up the porch, and then building a new porch. We are homeowners. All of the financial burden for these things is on us. And each problem is one that will cost a lot of money to fix.

On top of this, we have insurance that won’t cover our doctor, because of a whole lot of nonsense (thanks, Obama) as well as some dental surgery that I really should get before my entire back tooth falls apart.

I don’t mean to complain, because I have a whole hell of a lot of good going on in my life, just these are the facts. Our financial state is getting scary.

See the plan, the two year+ plan does not factor in rats. It does not factor in most emergencies. It barely factors in buying a record or a game.


I am willing to get a part time job to cover things, while the slow growth continues. I am. If you know me, you know that I am willing to do the hard work, when its important. I am not one to sit around and ask that people solve my problems. That is not what this plea is about.

But if I do end up taking up a job, it means I will have less time for my music. I will have less time to put into the videos, which means they won’t be as polished. I won’t be able to take as many composition jobs, and most terrifying for me, I won’t have as much time with my family. My son and my wife are the two most important people to me, and I know I will end up too busy.

So my plea is simply this, if you have the means, if you have any kind of reach, in any area, help get the word out for my channel. Help me to speed up the process. Find places to share things. I am always up for collaborative work, more for the fun of working with others than the notoriety, but I can’t deny the fact that they do help move things along. If you know people who would like my music, who would be interested in helping the channel go somewhere, let them know. If you have seen my work, if you know me, you know its worth it. I normally would just wait it out, but if there was a time that I could press the fast forward button, it would be now. So if anyone out there who has seen my work, can help me with that, it would be much appreciated.

It would be more than appreciated. I can’t tell you how grateful I am every time someone shares something I have made. Every time someone connects with my work. It’s a huge part of why I continue to work hard to make the best possible arrangements.

I am going to keep going, and if it takes years, so be it. I am not looking for an easy way out. Just a little breathing room would be wonderful.

-Ace Waters

PS. I am also very open for more commission work. If you or anyone you know needs some musical help on a project, let me know.


2 thoughts on “An moment of honesty, an update, and a plea.

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