I’m not salty, OCremix! I swear!!!!!

Last year, I submitted two tracks to OCRemix. When the first track got rejected, I may have appeared a bit salty as to their decision, and I really wanted to clear that up. I am not mad or hurt by their decisions. The two main points I made still have a lot of validity in my mind, but I figured I should elaborate, because 140 characters makes me come off a bit more frustrated than I am.

1. The wait times are killer. They just are. As a weekly content creator, it’s crazy how much I have grown, and how much content I have made since I submitted those tracks. The idea of going back and reworking them just doesn’t sound like a lot of fun. On my second track, the Crystal Snail cover, I did some silly hard pans which is one of the criticisms I agree with most. Unfortunately, I did it all on the hardware, so there is no real way of me counteracting that easily. I mean, even if I really wanted to go and rework those old tracks, I don’t even know if I could. Having an OS change and a HD crash happen over the last 9 months makes working on old songs really difficult if not impossible.

2. When I said they don’t get what I am going for, it wasn’t meant to be some aloof artist, clinging hopelessly to his concept. What I meant was, their mixing advice is perfect, if you are making clean, polished electronic dance music. Its fantastic pop sensibility kind of advice. But, that just isn’t what I am going for. I am super influenced by shoegaze, post-rock, and more experimental styles of recording. I like thick, lush synth sounds that you get lost in. Yes, some of their advice is great advice for all genres, but I feel a lot of the reason my tracks didn’t connect is because they aren’t mixed like EDM. I like thick, textures. I like giving a track a bit of mud here and there. I am not saying every decision back then was purposeful, or good. Yes, some of these older tracks could use a bit polishing, but a fair bit of what they criticize was intentional and I stand by it. Its that disconnect between my style of mixing and their ideal for a good submission that makes me just say, I don’t think you get it. For me, some of the new accepted submissions are so glaringly shiny and clean that I don’t enjoy the sound of them. I like dat warmth. I like to have a little mess in my mix.

Ultimately I make my tracks for my channel. I only have a week to make each one, and I don’t really have the time, outside of when I put together a VGM album to get nitty gritty with the production, and I personally believe this gives my songs a bit of their personality. They are not perfect, and I like that about them. I like that you can hear the humanity in my music. The blemishes in art are the human spirit shining through.

I may still submit a track here or there but waiting as long as I have had to get feedback is no fun. Especially when the feedback is either a difference of opinion and production taste, or something I agree with, but would mean completely rebuilding a track from scratch (the limits of hardware) that I finished 8 months ago.

No disrespect, OCR. You are good people, I just don’t know if its the right fit. We can still be friends though!

Love from this unsalted ham,


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