I recently read through my old live journal from 2004-2006. It chronicles my final year of high school, and my travels to an out-of-state school, and the teen angst that accompanied that. Most of it was cringe worthy and thoroughly embarrassing. But, I am ultimately happy to have it. It was a reminder. That part of my life has a written record, that I can always look back on. It may be a cringy, poorly written mess, but it still reminds me of those times and the feelings attached to those times.

I want to attempt to do this again, but maybe with a bit more writing ability and a tad less teen angst.

This isn’t written for readers. It’s written mostly for myself. I have no doubt there will be people who are interested in the writings here, but I just want to say that up front. This is not for you. This is for me. I am happy if you enjoy it, and I welcome you to read it. But, I am not going to censor myself, and I just need to state that outright.

I will probably overuse paragraph breaks, to emulate speaking, because I want to.

I may whine about anxiety a lot. I am not doing this for attention or pity, but to accurately capture where I am, and where I am heading.

I may talk about G-d, philosophy, life, death, faith, doubt, children, parenting, youtube, music… If you don’t dig these things, hope I don’t bum you out too bad. It is not my intention to bum anyone out. I swear.

I just want to be able to look back at this in 10 years and laugh.

Plus, no one reads things these days, so I should be fairly safe. *insert emoji that will become woefully dated in a decade*

Anyways, that is all I have time to say right now. I have a video that needs to get posted tomorrow that I have not started on yet, and I should probably deal with that. I just wanted to listen to a bit of this new Noah Gundersen album, and I figured a quick blog about “why I want to blog” would be a good thing to do while spinning a side. Record is over, time to get back to work.



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