The Imposter

I am the fire, the forest my art

watch me burn it all down

I am the flood, you are whats left, rotten and drowned

I built the alarms, with frayed bits of wire

The storm ripped right through, what am i to do

with the wreckage and mess i have made?


I say that I care for the cause, but i dont

I say that Im true to my word, but im nothing but words, oh im nothing but words

So dont praise this mess of a man

I fake my way through every song, every plan.

The notes are all lifted, the melody lost

the parts are all scripted, and you pay the cost

Shine like silver, bend like gold.

Tarnished aluminum is all I have sold.


If you buy the right robes, you can call yourself priest

But it won’t change the liar who’s hiding beneath.

Paint the walls all day long, and maybe you’ll hide

the decaying foundation collapsing inside


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